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We transform fragmented data into intelligent prescriptive insights & actions in real time


Leveraging deep industry expertise, data science & intelligent hybrid technology

Breaking down functional
& technological silos

From multiple siloed systems… to one holistic integrated ecosystem

The volatility and relentless pace of change in the hospitality industry requires people and systems to continuously operate in sync.

inHovate integrates a variety of isolated systems, correlates data intelligence across multiple functions, and empowers teams to collaborate.

We bring all stakeholders together around a unified vision and common goals to achieve long-term and sustainable success.


Because we understand that one size doesn’t fit all

A 360° degree solution optimizing all functions of hospitality from commercial to operational, financial, and investment – all in real time:

  • Commercial: Revenue & Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Digital, etc.
  • Operational: Rooms, Food & Beverage, Sports & Wellness, MICE, Leisure & Entertainment, Guest Experience, etc.
  • Financial: Management Reporting, Monitoring of Financial Performance, Labor, Procurement, Inventory, Cash Flow, etc.
  • Investment: Fixed Assets & CAPEX, Investment/Divestment Strategy, etc.

To complete your business transformation, achieve meaningful market share gains, increase customer loyalty, improve sustainable profitability, and maximize asset value:

  • Choose the module or combination of modules that is right for your business
  • Add our powerful Collaborative Suite including cooperative forecasting/budgeting, proactive action planning, intuitive Workflow Management, and more
  • Scale up according to your needs


Powerful and Comprehensive Features you’ve been long waiting for

Extensive Granular Analytics

Automated Intelligent Insights

Comprehensive Cross-Filtering

Collaborative Action Planning

AI Powered Predictions

Intuitive Workflow Management

Bespoke Report/Dashboarding

Proactive Performance Monitoring


We resolve the most complex and persistent industry challenges

Maximizing profitable revenue while minimizing customer acquisition cost


Driving and growing sustainable profits is key to hospitality asset owners and operators. Achieving this requires (a) to maximize attraction and capture of ‘profitable’ guests, (b) to drive ‘profitable’ customer spend once they are in-house, (c) to focus on elevating guest experience to achieve total satisfaction (d) to have full control on costs and expenses. This proves to be a highly complex endeavor, especially given the functional, technological, and organizational silos our industry is known for.

Our Intelligent Total Profitable Revenue Tool (iTopiTTM) provides an integrated and granular understanding and analysis of the different layers of profitability for each revenue stream to better control Net Total Revenue. A real-time detailed analysis by channel, market segment, nationality etc. combined with precise pace and pick-up performance monitoring, helps devise strategies to focus on the most profitable channels, market segments, geographic sources of business at the right time, while taking into consideration important criteria such as length of stay, spending pattern, booking lead time, etc.

How does inHovate’s iFloDTM help you drive most of your revenue down to profit?


In a capital-intensive industry characterized by high demand volatility and a higher share of fixed costs vs. variable costs (operational leverage), it is critical to devise strategies that ensure the highest level of revenue conversion into profit, or flow-through. However, the diverse revenue stream types in hospitality (Rooms, F&B, MICE, Wellness, etc.) do not ‘flow’ equally to the bottom line, as there are various complex and inter-related drivers that affect such flow-through that are inherent to each type of revenue stream. Additionally, each hospitality asset type and category (resort vs. business hotel, fine-dining vs. casual-dining restaurant, etc.) has its own inherent risk profile, volatility level and operational leverage.

Our Intelligent Flow-Through Driver (iFloDTM) provides hotels with real-time granular understanding, monitoring, and control of the various layers building each revenue stream’s profitability. This empowers hotel management and ownership to effectively ‘deconstruct’ profitability and reconstruct it into an integrated, optimized and sustainable profit, leading to exponential gains in asset value.

How does inHovate’s iFabiTTM help you increase F&B capture, customer spend and satisfaction while maximizing profitability?


Restaurants and Bars are key constituents of the hospitality industry, whether as part of a hotel offering or as standalone operations. Food and Beverage profitability is driven by the ability to drive capture and seat turnover while maximizing ‘profitable’ customer spend and controlling fixed (labor cost for example) and variable (cost of goods sold for example) expenses. It is therefore critical to have a holistic and integrated view of all the interlaced elements that drive restaurants and bars profitability.

Our Intelligent Food and Beverage Integrated Tool (iFabiTTM) is designed for standalone restaurants and bars as well as hotel F&B operations and offers a 360o integrated view by combining data from various sources (Point-of-Sale system, Hotel Property Management System, Accounting and Finance System, etc.). This empowers hospitality owners and operators to devise strategies based on real-time understanding of customer preferences, propensity to spend, profitability vs. popularity of food and beverage offer, labor efficiency, cost of goods sold, etc. resulting in maximization of revenues and profits and increased guest satisfaction and loyalty.

How does inHovate’s iHoisTTM help you decide whether you should hold, invest in, or sell your asset?


Hospitality assets are inherently capital intensive, and hospitality investors have different risk and investment profiles. Some prefer to venture in certain asset classes with greater potential premiums in highly volatile markets, others focus on asset types in markets where returns are typically more consistent hence more predictable. However, regardless of their profiles, investors typically evaluate their assets to make a hold-invest-sell decision on a regular basis. That evaluation is often complex, time consuming and costly as it relies on many interlaced criteria and parameters, some of which are under the control of the asset owner/operator, and others that are not (market conditions, investment & trading environment, etc.).

Our Intelligent Hold-Invest-Sell Tool (iHoisTTM) provides instant access to elements that are key to making this important decision, such as thorough analysis on asset value, market conditions and predictions, etc. and offers intelligent recommendations to determine adequate timing and conditions for the Hold-Invest-Sell decision.


In-depth subject-matter expertise. Extensive global and diverse experience

Jalil Mekouar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

30 years in Hospitality Operations, Finance, Investment, Asset Management, and Strategic Consulting

Toronto, Canada / Dubai, UAE

30 years global experience spanning five continents, in hospitality/real estate/wellness leadership in operations, finance, investment, asset management, and advisory/consulting with leading global operators, investors/owners, advisors and asset managers such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and regional leaders such as Minor International in Asia, CHMWarnick in the Americas, and Majid Al-Futtaim in the Middle-East

Stefan Wolf

Chief Commercial Officer

27 years in Hospitality Revenue Optimization and Commercial Strategies

Bangkok, Thailand

27 years international experience as a global expert in commercial strategy execution and establishing a revenue management culture in the hospitality industry, with blue chip organizations such as InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and world renown hotel operators such as Shangri-La, Jumeirah, and Rocco Forte

Aadel Benyoussef

Chief Technology Officer

30 years in Big Data Architecture,
New Technologies, Cybersecurity, and IT Strategy

Bordeaux, France

Computer Science engineer with 30 years experience in New Technologies, Big Data, and Cyber Security, working with public institutions, professional associations and corporations. Aadel has also been a professor at various reputed European business schools and universities teaching BigData, modernization of IT Architectures, Digitalization & Factory 4.0 (Smart Factory), IoT & Smart City initiatives, and more

Robert Kennedy

Chief Financial Officer

30 years in Hospitality Operations, Finance, Investment, and Asset Management

Amsterdam, Netherlands

30 years international experience in managing and executing strategies that increase operational effectiveness, growth and marketability of international hotels, with blue chip organizations such as InterContinental Hotels Group, and world renown hospitality investors/owners such as Katara (Qatar Investment Authority)

Hicham Hassouni

Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

20 years in Hospitality Finance, Investment, Development, and Strategic Consulting

Dubai, UAE

20 years Hospitality and Real Estate experience in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as a senior executive with world-class advisory firms such as KPMG, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and leading global hotel groups such as Accor, FRHI, Rosewood

Murray Aitken

Senior Advisor F&B and Hotel Operations

30 years in Food & Beverage Management, Hotel Operations, and Spa & Wellness

JB, Malaysia / Singapore

A veteran F&B and Hospitality Operations expert with 30 years international experience with world renown companies such as Six Senses, Orient Express, Sun International (Kerzner), Rosewood, Regent, Raffles, ONYX Hospitality, and the Leading Hotels of the World

Monique Mager

Learning & Development

28 years in Human Capital, Coaching & Training, and Service Design Thinking

Strasbourg, France

28 years of HR and Learning Development holding various senior management positions in training, consulting, development, and HR management at Accor and ALSTOM

Pancham Hariramani

Engagement & Productivity

25 years in Emotional Intelligence,  Intercultural Communication, and Motivational Facilitation

Dubai, UAE

25 years in the hospitality Operations as well as in Learning and Development including 15 years with Accor and 5 years with IHCL (Taj Hotels) before launching his own consultancy that aids his clients with Organisation Culture, Learning and People Development


150+ years of global experience in Hospitality, Real-Estate, Wellness, Events, Investment Banking, Advisory, and more…

Jonathan Worsley

London, UK

30+ years in Hospitality Advisory, Benchmarking Solutions and Global Industry Events

London, United Kingdom

  • Chairman & CEO of Bench Events and co-Founder of IHIF, AHIC, AHIF, SHIC, GRIF & Hospitality Tomorrow series
  • Former Board Director & Co-Founder of STR Global
  • Board Director of HotelSwaps Trustee of Future Talent

Mike Goodson

Atlanta, GA, USA

30+ years in Hospitality Investment and Finance

Atlanta, Georgia – USA

  • Former Global Head of Hospitality for Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)
  • Former Managing Director for Host Hotels Europe
  • Former SVP Finance for InterContinental Hotels Group

Thierry Loué

Cannes, France

40 years in Real Estate and Hospitality Investment, Finance and Strategic Advisory

Cannes, France

  • Former CEO and Chairman of Jones Lang LaSalle MENA and International Director for Corporate Initiatives – JLL Global
  • Former CFO and VP Finance for Alliance Hospitality and InterContinental Hotels Group
  • French Tech community mentor

Andreas Schreiber

Frankfurt, Germany

30+ years in Investment Banking and Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Frankfurt, Germany

  • Currently Partner & Head of EMEIA Financial Services Mergers & Acquisitions for Ernst & Young (EY)
  • Former Managing Director for Lazard
  • Former Executive Director for Deutsche Bank and UBS Investment Bank

Paul Scialla

New York, NY, USA

18 years in Wall Street, including 10 at Goldman Sachs as a Partner

New York – USA

  • Founder of Delos and the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)
  • Board of Directors for the Chopra Foundation
  • Founding Board member of the JUST Capital Foundation



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